11:00AM-11:50AM Brece Clark
12:00PM-12:50PM Becky Vanderbroek
  1:00PM-  2:15PM Sustainable Duo
  2:30PM-  3:20PM Caroline Trapp

Cooking Demonstrations

11:00AM Chef Valerie Wilson
12:00PM Chef Josh Musinski
1:00PM   Chefs Cory and Tarra of Daddy Pete’s BBQ
2:00PM   Chef Bee Harriette Brown of Sisters on a Roll Cafe


Caroline Trapp, D.N.P., A.N.P.-BC, C.D.E., F.A.A.N.P., DipACLM
Diabetes 2019: Less Pharm, More Farm

Director of Diabetes Education and Care, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Dr. Trapp is the director of diabetes education & care at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and is a nurse practitioner with more than 30 years of experience, specializing in the care of people with diabetes. Her degrees are from the University of Michigan (BSN), University of Pennsylvania (MSN) and Madonna University (DNP). She is board-certified in adult primary care nursing, diabetes education and lifestyle medicine. She is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Michigan School of Nursing.

Dr. Trapp’s work with the Physicians Committee has taken her to China, the Northern Republic of Macedonia, Canada, the Marshall Islands, all over the U.S. and to Native American tribal lands and Pueblos. Across these diverse settings, she has found tremendous interest from health professionals and the public on the potential for evidence-based nutrition for diabetes prevention, treatment and reversal.

Dr. Trapp was awarded Oakland University’s Nightingale Award for Education and Research in 2012 and inducted as a Fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners in 2013. She is a founding board member of Plant-based Prevention of Disease (P-POD) and an active volunteer with the Plant Based Nutrition Support Group (PBNSG) of Michigan. Dr. Trapp helped to establish and leads the Nurses Nutrition Network of the Physicians Committee.

Brece Clark
The Humane Cowboy: Navigating the Road to Compassion

Brece Clark is a field educator and animal caretaker at SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary. He has dedicated his life’s mission to humane education and defending animals. Brece comes from a long line of dairy farmers and grew up on a dairy farm in mid-Michigan. He began training horses at the age of six, ultimately developing a career in professional horsemanship for several years. He also spent time as a zookeeper at Binder Park Zoological Society in Battle Creek, MI. As his views regarding animals began to change, in 2016 Brece joined Animal Equality where he traveled the country speaking out for animals on the iAnimal campaign tour. He now focuses his activism at the local level, speaking to audiences on the subjects of animal ethics, environmental sustainability, and human health with the Ethical Choices Program. Brece is also a proud animal caretaker at SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary— home to over 250 rescued farmed animals in Manchester, MI.


Sustainable Duo
Let’s Get Zero-Wasted

Carly Bergman and Brenden Fitzgerald are two eco-entrepreneurs on a mission to help people decrease their carbon footprint through sustainable living. The Duo has expertise in zero-waste/minimal living, permaculture, plant-based living, and plant-based business. Living an eco-conscious life will not only save the planet but preserve people’s health and wallet! Sustainable Duo is their form of activism in order to spread the zero-waste, vegan mission world-wide.


Becky Vandenbroek
Is Your Lip Gloss Killing You?

Founder of Girlpalooza

Becky Vandenbroek started her own clean and cruelty free beauty brand this past year after not being able to find a product that had everything she desired. After her 5 year old daughter asked to try on some of her lip gloss one morning she soon realized that not all cosmetics are safe and definitely not cruelty free. She quickly learned that cosmetic ingredients were not regulated and that some could be harmful as well. She has spent the last year developing a custom formula that is safe, cruelty free, and 100% vegan. Her goal is to educate the public about buying safe cosmetics as well as promoting cruelty free brands.


Shelley Irwin

Shelley Irwin is the host and producer for The WGVU Morning Show. She also hosts several public affairs programs on the TV side, including Family Health Matters and Kalamazoo Lively Arts. Shelley is award winning in her profession, including five consecutive Gracie Allen Awards from American Women in TV and Radio for excellence as a program host. She has been named one of the “50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan” twice by Gemini Publications, and has represented the U.S. in the Long Distance Triathlon and Duathlon World Championships.


Cooking Demonstrations

Chef Bee Harriette Brown

Sisters On A Roll Mobile Cafe
“Sharing the Flavor of Love”

Sisters On A Roll grew as an outreach ministry with a love for feeding people. After experiencing several health challenges, Chef Bee realized that she was the one to heal her body. Chef Bee started offering friends, family, and others with different dietary issues, a way to eat foods that they love. It wasn’t long before Sisters On A Roll Mobile Cart was started to share good, healthy food with others.

Chef Bee’s mission is to offer everyone the opportunity to Eat Good and Be Well. Sisters On A Roll Mobile Cafe offers sustainability that crosses culture, economic status, race, and even religion. Chef Bee is #WagingWarWithAFork, sharing good food prepared from the heart with the soul in mind, and bringing us together one bite at a time!

I am Chef Bee. It is my pleasure to serve you!

Chef Cory and Tarra

Daddy Pete’s BBQ

Daddy Pete’s BBQ, LLC, a family-owned business operated by Cory & Tarra Davis, provides delicious, Southern, slow smoked foods with tasty scratch-made sides and desserts. They believe in giving every customer the “The Daddy Pete’s Experience” that includes delicious food and outstanding hospitality. In 2012 they started a catering service and added a food truck/trailer shortly afterward. Four years later they launched their carryout location at 2921 Eastern Ave SE.

As a family, they would limit their intake of animal products. In January of 2019, they adopted a plant-based diet to be more physically lean and eradicate some of their health challenges. They continue to put out the same BBQ menu at their carryout location, but behind the scenes, they are cooking and eating more plant-based.

Based on the overwhelming response from social media, they have launched a limited plant-based menu during the week along with a more extensive plant-based menu on Saturdays. The plant-based menu includes Smoked Impossible Burgers, Smoked Jackfruit Sandwiches, as well as Smoked Sweet Potatoes, Vegan Mac & Cheese, Vegan Green Beans, Vegan Cole Slaw, and Vegan Smokey Baked Beans.

Chef Josh Musinski,, FB/IG @waterandwheat

Chef Josh, Water & Wheat Vegan Cafe, Coloma, MI, owner, chef, and operator of the Water & Wheat Cafe market and cooking school. There Chef Josh creates whole plant-based cuisine: meats, seafood, and dairy products for wholesale and retail. He has developed products for vegan restaurants available on store shelves and café menus around. Celebrating 25 years in the restaurant industry and 18 years vegan, Chef Josh, and his staff at Water & Wheat, now share his restaurant secrets with the world. Their mission is to create whole plant foods to replace the use of animal ingredients in restaurants and homes across the land.

Chef Valerie Wilson

Chef Valerie Wilson, AKA, Macro Val, has been in the food industry for over 31 years. Living a vegan, macrobiotic, whole foods lifestyle since 1993, she has been teaching classes since 1997 in southeastern Michigan. Author of three cookbooks, Perceptions in Healthy Cooking, Vegan Cooking with Kids, and Healthy and Delicious Cooking Spring Season, Chef Val offers lifestyle counseling sessions; sells prepared food, and is the host of REAL FOOD with Chef Val, an internet radio show.

Contact Chef Val at and on FB at MacroVal Food.


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